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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Vividh Bharati’s injustice to Mukesh on death anniversary

Written by V.S DATTA (Editor , N.I.P Allahabad )

Vividh Bharati does not seem to follow a uniform policy while paying tributes to great singers of the melody era. There can be no doubt that Mukesh was one of the greatest among them, more so because he alone among the galaxy of singers of the succeeding generation of K.L.Saigal managed to carve out a name for himself during the lifetime of the legendary singer who, when told about 'Dil Jalta hai' by Mukesh is said to have remarked: 'I do not remember having  sung it'.
I would say that on Mukesh's death anniversary this year (27 August , 2014) Vividh Bharati not only did gross injustice to Mukesh but also ridiculed him by playing not a sad number but a romantic song, that too not a solo but a duet—and just that one song --in their prime programme 'Tere  Sur Mere Geet'.  It seemed as if the presenter Kamal Sharma was 'celebrating' Mukesh's death anniversary  instead of   observing it solemnly.
Can you imagaine that in this programme while there was  just one song of Mukesh, Kamal Sharma's  favourite 'Rafi Sahib''s two numbers featured in this presentation which should have exclusively been dedicated to the memory of Mukesh. In the Bhoole Bisre Geet programme that followed, Mukesh was totally ignored by Kamal Sharma  in the first five songs which were sung by Pankaj Mullick, Karan Dewan, Noor Jehan, Lata and others

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