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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Broadcasters' ad revenues up by 20-25 per cent this festive season

Writer: Abid Hasan & Collin Furtado - Tuesday, Nov 04,2014 8:01 AM

This festive season the new kid on the block, e- commerce, dominated prime time slots of all the leading television channels. This is not surprising given that all players are now flush with funds and have been getting increasingly competitive.

The resultant advertising boost was a game changer as the consumer used to appliances telecom and FMCG advertisements, was exposed to the e-commerce ad blitz on all platforms, but especially on television.

Media reports had suggested that the e-commerce industry is likely to spend Rs 250- 300 crore on advertising. E-commerce festive ad spends on TV was said to increase by 257 per cent since last year according to audience aggregation platform for TV, SureWaves. Also, there were expectations of a 20-25 per cent growth in ad spends over September, according to media reports. Apart from e-commerce, heavy spending was expected from automobile and mobile companies besides traditional big spenders such as FMCG (August upswing in consumer mood to power festive ad spends on TV). While the elections gave the television industry a much-needed boost despite the chaos over ad cap and digitisation, we spoke to the key TV players about the festive season revenues.