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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

DD invites programmes for proposed rural-based Kisan Channel

By Team Posted on : 08 Dec 2014 06:09 pm

NEW DELHI: Noting that the proposed Doordarshan Kisan is a dedicated channel for the farmers to give them information targeted to address the wholesome edutainment needs of a farmer to adopt and adapt to modern scenario, the national broadcaster has invited proposals for programmes under the Self Financing Commissioned Scheme.
DD says that the content expected for DD Kisan will primarily address the developmental needs of the farmer addressing 'Core Agriculture', 'Critical Support' and 'Essential Ancillary' areas, keeping in mind the varied agro-economic zones, climatic areas, different crops and the need to address the target audience spread across various states but will have to be entertaining and engaging.
The content on DD Kisan will be in Hindi with regional dubbing.